Full Auto BB Gun – the Real Deal

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We all played cops, troops or cowboys when we were young. We said the magic bang-bang-bang words when the guns had to shoot. We fell down on the ground when the imaginative bullets hit us. As we aged the games got more real and the toys are more like the real deal. The new era of paintball and airsoft bb gun games began. Now the games are quite real. We use a full auto bb gun to shoot real plastic bullets to real oponents – most of the cases friends or relatives.

BB guns also known as airsoft is a game developed about 40 years a go in Japan. As soon as it reached USA and Europe it became a big hit with the grown up boys. Add full auto to the picture and the boys will be even more happy. The full auto bb gun models can shoot out hundreds of plastic pellets for just a minute with just one pull of the trigger. And if you picked up a replica of some of the famous military weapons you will feel like on a real battlefield.

There are two types of full auto bb guns. Both are powerful enough to empty the whole magazine in no time.

The first one uses the power of compressed gas stored in a metal cylinder. Once you pull the trigger the valve is opened the the bbs start flying out of the barrel. This is quite like the way paintball auto gun works.

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The most popular full auto bb gun is called AEG. Automatic Electric Guns (AEGs) use a battery powered motor to cock back and release the spring which fires the pellets. It does this so fast that most of the guns do at least 10 shots per second. And if you don’t want to be out of bullets that fast, you just have to switch to semi-auto mode. Depending on the model, the gun shoots a burst of up to 10 bbs in one trigger pul.

I personally preffer a metal AEG model as it delivers more real feeling combined with a great firing speed.

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