BB Gun Pistols – a Few Things to Consider When Buying One

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bb gun pistols
There are a few main points you should consider when buying a new BB gun pistol.

The most important decision that you should make is the type of BB gun you want to buy. You have to choose from the three main types – gas powered, electric or simple spring powered. This choice is directly connected to your budget. Spring powered pistols are the cheapest one on the market but their power is low and they can not be used for long range shout-outs. Gas powered bb gun pistols are have higher price tag but shoot with higher velocity.

How many BBs in the magazine. The usual bb pistols on sale have a maximum of 15-20 bbs in the magazine. Some models are designed with bigger magazines which hold up to 50 bbs. This can give you bigger chances of winning in a game. You also might want to get a spare magazine for quick reload.

Metal or plastic. This is also a matter of budget as metal guns cost more. Although the price is higher, they are more reliable and their parts wear out less. They also feel quite better in your hand.

With or without a laser sight. When you don’t have enough time to aim a laser sight is a very helpful gadget. Most of the better bb gun pistol models have that already installed or you can buy it as an option.

If you have selected a gas powered bb pistol you have to choose between blowback or no blowback model. The blowback models give you very realistic feeling but this might affect the accuracy of the shot.

With the big variety of BB Gun Pistols available on the market you can be sure that there is a model that will fit your needs and budget. CLICK HERE to do it now

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