Types of BB Guns for Sale

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When you are looking to buy a bb gun that looks real, is safe to handle and fun to use you have a few types of bb guns for sale to choose from. Most of the bb guns are replicas of popular military guns. A lot even look like World War I and II weapons. Some use compressed air to shoot out plastic balls with great speed and accuracy. BB guns are very popular and the latest models like bb gun pistols, rifles and revolvers are copies of famous real weapons like desert eagle or sniper rifles.

Depending on the way they shoot out pellets, the bb guns can be divided in three types – gas powered, spring powered and electric powered.

Gas Powered Guns:

This type of bb guns use compressed gasses like CO2 or propane to shoot BBs out. The pressurized gas is stored in an internal cylinder or magazine that is connected to the discharge system. One of the most popular gas powered bb guns for sale is the blowback type. It’s mechanism uses the air to get the BBs out and to return the firing slide to it’s initial place thus creating a blowback feeling like a real gun.

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Spring BB Guns:

Springers are the original type of BB guns. Their spring have to be manually cocked back for each and every shot. This makes them slower to operate. Because of their simple design, they are easier to make and their price is low. These bbs shooting guns are recommended for the new BB gun owners. Such gun can be very cheap and cost even below 20 dollars.

Electric BB Guns:

Electric BB guns for sale are the top of the cake when it comes to bb gun. Their mechanism has a small electric motor which is used to cock the spring. The high precision motor helps in achieving high shooting rate and creates the ability of full auto bb gun fire. This type of guns can also shoot with small paintballs. The only downside is that if a paintball pops inside, you will have to take the gun apart to clean it.

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